Discover Best Resorts near Kasauli with Swimming Pool

When you plan your vacations, you should research the destination that you are going to but you should also research the resort that you will be staying at. This is very important because you will be spending most of your time at the resort and if you are not happy with your accommodations, you are unlikely to enjoy the places you visit and your overall vacation experience. Therefore, one should be careful when finalizing the resort and ensure that it has all the facilities that you are looking for.

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Besides the rooms and the foods, the most important aspect of the resort for many people is the pool. A good and inviting pool can be the centerpiece of a great vacation while the absence of a pool can be a huge downer. Unfortunately, many resorts located in the hills don’t have a pool or the pool isn’t functioning. Sometimes they do have a pool but it is in poor condition and not worth stepping into. Thus, one should always find out more about the pool, spa and other facilities before booking.

Advantages of a Swimming Pool

Perhaps the most underrated aspect of any resort, the swimming pool offers many advantages for guests that are sometimes overlooked. A well-designed pool can add character to the resort and also to your vacation. Even if you don’t swim, you can relax by the poolside and enjoy an alfresco meal besides its shimmering waters. Lets take a look at some of the lesser understood and appreciated advantages hat a swimming pool an provide:

Good Exercise: One of the best ways to get some exercise during your vacation or break is to take a swim. This is a fun and easy way to burn calories, stretch out your limbs and treat your body right. According to scientists, simply being inside the pool burns calories while the water resistance is one of the best ways to exercise all the muscles and tendons in the body effortlessly.

Great Pictures: Most resort pictures end up featuring the pool in the background. The very sight of the chlorine soaked greenish blue waters is instantly recognizable and symbolizes vacation time. For good photography alone, a good-looking pool should be one of the essential points to look for when booking a resort.

Resorts near Kasauli with Swimming Pool

Fun for Kids: If you have children, you will surely appreciate the importance of a good pool. Children are attracted to pools like flies to honey and a comfortable pool can keep them busy and occupied for hours, giving parents some much needed alone time to relax and engage in activities that they like. At most 5-star and upmarket properties, the pool area is manned by a lifeguard at all times and is usually very safe.

Good place to Gather: A good swimming pool becomes an important hang out area for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. It is like a center point where guests can aggregate in the mornings and evenings to have a drink, meet up and exchange notes. This allows you to meet the other guests and socialize instead of being isolated during your vacations. As the old saying goes, the more the merrier!

Sunbathing: One of the things that guests love to do on vacation is to soak up the sun. This is because, during our daily life, we end up mostly indoors and do not get enough sunlight, which is very important for health and well-being. On your vacation, you can stretch out on a deck chair by the pool and read a good book as your body replenishes the all-important Vitamin B-12.

Cooling Effect: Besides being a cool place to hang out, a pool literally cools down the surrounding area by several degrees, taking the edge off the heat and providing a moderate climate for guests. In the winter, it has the opposite effect and moderates the cold, giving the entire resort a more consistent and hospitable aura.

A great resort with a pool

One of the all time best resorts near Kasauli that has a pool is the Timber Trail Resort located about 40 minutes before Kasauli. This resort has been the gold standard for vacationers and nature lovers for a long time now and has the perfect set of attributes to fully enjoy this amazing part of the Himalayas. Its location, ambience, food and rooms are par excellent while its name has become an iconic and recognizable brand in the industry.

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The Timber Trail Resort is the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy the hill stations of Kasauli and explore its winding path but want to stay in the lap of luxury for the complete resort experience. At this luxurious and lavish resort, you will find an amazing pool along with all spa and salon services, several restaurants, a great activities center and all the amenities you expect from a world-class property.


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