A guide to Kasauli Resort Bookings

If you are thinking of travelling to Kasauli for a weekend getaway or a long vacation, it is best to do some research beforehand and if possible, book your resort in advance. This is because the availability of rooms in this area can fluctuate widely and sometimes, especially during festivals and events, Kasauli and its neighboring area can get fully booked up. To ensure a smooth holiday, it is best to look into Kasauli Resort Bookings before you travel.

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Going to Kasauli

From Chandigarh, going to Kasauli is easy and enjoyable. The drive is only about 2 hours long and goes through some exciting parts of the Himalayas that are worth visiting for their majestic beauty and interesting geography. The road is relatively simple as one takes Highway 5 all the way to Kasauli. There are many taxi services and busses that run between the cities that are very convenient but having your car with you can be useful to get around in Kasauli.

After an hour of driving from Chandigarh, you will see the familiar hills and winding roads of the Himalayas that are a treat to traverse. Along the way, you will come across many charming villages and settlements that are worth stopping at if you have the time. You will also encounter many great lookout points that provide great views and are usually surrounded by food stalls and vendors selling refreshments.

How to book

Before you embark on your trip, you should have finalized the resort that you are staying at and made a booking. If you have not, the trip is a great time to browse through properties on your phone and pick one that fits your idea of the perfect place to stay. This can be hard as it is often difficult to judge resorts based on pictures and reviews left by others. Lets take a look at some ways to decide:

Reviews: While these can be notoriously misleading, they are the best way to judge if a particular property is good or not and to understand what people don’t like about the place. While reviews can be fake and manipulated, spending some time reading individual posts can give you a clearer picture about what to expect.

Booking sites: Besides reviews on Google, you can also check out booking sites such as agoda.com, makemytrip.com and trivago.com for in depth information about the resort that is more independent and impartial compared with information coming from the property itself. You can also call some of theses sites and their booking agents will gladly help you make the right booking at the right property.

 Personal Recommendation: This is one of the best ways to pick a property as someone you know will be honest and forthright in telling what they really though about the place. If they understand your taste and requirements, they can help you zero in on a place that is ideal for you and cut down on the risk of trying out something new.

Blogs: Nowadays, there are many blogs and vlogs that tell you all about a particular destination or property. These are highly subjective but can give you a god idea about what to expect and provide factual and updated information that is often missing on official websites. Many blogs also provide general travel information and can help you become a more seasoned traveller who knows al the tricks of the trade.

Direct Bookings: If you have identified a property that you may want to stay in, you can call the hotel directly to get more accurate information and to check rates that they offer. Often times, the hotel will provide better rates than travel sites as it does not have to pay commissions to others and also has the authority to give you upgrades and add-ons that the sites cannot.

The best resort near Kasauli

One of the best resorts near Kasauli is the well-known Timber Trail Resort located about 40 minutes before the city. This resort offers unmatched luxury and impeccable service along with one of the best locations of any hillside resort in India. Perched atop a lush green hill, it gives guests a sense of being on top of the world with great views in every direction.

Kasauli Resort Bookings

The food at the resort is truly remarkable and can be sampled at any one of its famous in-house restaurants including the Mezza 9 or The Deck. Since the Solan region is known for its cuisine, one can tryout some of the local offerings along with amazing multi-cuisine offerings like Italian and Chinese.

The rooms at the resort are beautifully designed and adorned with every luxury that you could desire. From modern bathrooms fitted with swanky gadgets to the ultimate in audio-visual entertainment, staying at any of the rooms at the Timber Trail Resort is a memorable and rewarding travel experience.

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