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For busy urbanite’s who are stuck in their everyday mundane routine, health issues are proliferating at a surprisingly rapid rate. Due to high pressure work environment’s, more and more people are facing stress-induced ailments. To counter this dismal reality, spa treatments are becoming increasing popular among the masses. If you feel spa treatments are only for relaxation, think again. Here’s what a spa day at Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort can do for you. Spa results in an enhanced blood circulation, which in turn helps you have a deeper and calmer sleep. As your sleep cycle immensely affects your general heath, you feel healthier, lighter and brighter. Spa also helps restore your muscles to their utmost strength. It is not uncommon for working people to strain their muscles over the time. Body massages help loosen knots formed in the muscles and makes them more flexible. Spa treatments are also known to make the skin smoother, softer and better. Ancient methods of meditation and abhyanga are remarkable methods to de-stress and nurture your mental health. Advanced techniques such as Jacuzzi, Steam and sauna release any toxic fluids that may be present in the body and accord wellness from within. With luxuriously furnished therapy rooms, state-of-the art amenities and highly qualified physicians & consultants, we provide the best spa treatment in Himachal Pradesh. Our spa centre has dedicated areas for Ayurveda, European systems of holistic health and Oriental systems like Shiastu & Balinese treatments. Our prolific spa doctors examine you thoroughly before advising you the best possible treatment. As each person has his/her own requirements, we customise the procedures according to our guest’s needs. Just book your stay at Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort for any weekend and zone out from your everyday routine into a completely new experience. What are you waiting for?


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